Booing Kiki

Booing Kiki is a Dallas Mavericks fan blog originally started by Spencer Hendricks as something of an experiment. Looking to get into sweet NBA action, Spencer took to a random number generator to tell him which team to adopt. Out came the Mavericks, and Spencer jumped in with both feet. The blog has since become quite fascinating, as Spencer not only dissects Dallas games and players, but delves into minutia you simply aren’t going to find on other NBA-centered blogs or sites.

Twitter: @booingkiki

Bootu Inc.

Bootu Inc. is the creative venture of all-around weirdo Van Lee, a blog dedicated to miscellany of the highest order. Van and I work on a collaborative podcast together, and his own site features the sort of irreverent thought process you’re already familiar with if you’ve listened to us. You’ll be quite jealous that it wasn’t you who dreamed up The Patrick Duffy Scale of Attractiveness.

Twitter: @ManlyVanLee

Flick Freaks

Flick Freaks functions as both a YouTube channel and podcast devoted to film, television, and gaming. Run by the mustachioed Andrew Ormsby, Flick Freaks provides reviews, lists, reaction videos, and more without ever getting too serious about the business of show. You can grab the podcast on iTunes or virtually any podcast app, and you can check out the YouTube channel by clicking on the link in the title here.

Twitter: @FlickFreaks