My Favorite Films of 2015: The Notable Omissions

With my favorite films of 2015 well-documented in the dustiest corner of the internet, I figured it would be helpful to detail why I skipped out on including a few films that are notable for one reason or another. The five films included in this post simply weren’t among my very favorites of the year even though I liked some of them, although others missed because I didn’t think they were anything special. Paring down a list that got more unwieldy than I expected was kind of tough, so elaborating a bit more seems like a necessary plan of action. Continue reading “My Favorite Films of 2015: The Notable Omissions”

My Favorite Films of 2015 (1-5)

Woah! That was fast. All of a sudden here I concluding my list of my favorite 2015 films, feeling wistful that my barrage-watch of many recent titles is but a memory. It’s not all bad news, though, as now I have an excuse to give a handful of unabashed recommendations and plow forward into the movies of tomorrow. Perhaps they will not literally come out tomorrow (it’s boring-ass January), and they sure as hell won’t include the mediocre Tomorrowland, but you get the idea. Enough dilly-dallying; let’s get down to business. Continue reading “My Favorite Films of 2015 (1-5)”

My Favorite Films of 2015 (6-10)

With those pesky honorable mentions out of the way, it’s time to get to the meat of the list. Today I’ll tackle films six through 10 on my 2015 list, with the top five coming tomorrow. These are all movies I greatly enjoyed, and ranking them was quite a chore. After much deliberation, this is where I wound up, although some of the positions could easily vary in retrospect once time has done that thing it likes to do where it warps my viewpoint into a different focus. If you haven’t seen any of these, I strongly recommend you go out and do so. They’re all way better than Captain Superhero 9: More Superhero-y. Continue reading “My Favorite Films of 2015 (6-10)”

My Favorite Films of 2015 (Honorable Mentions)

Finally, after extensive preparation (read: watching a bunch of movies) I am prepared to offer up my favorites from 2015! Making a list of my favorite films of the year proved difficult in ways making a list of my favorite music never does. I don’t experience as many new movies as I do albums, so that presents an issue up front. Add in that a glut of heralded films never reach theaters until the end of the year these days, and I think I have a decent enough excuse to wait until January to ensure a quality list. Continue reading “My Favorite Films of 2015 (Honorable Mentions)”

In Defense Of: Modest Mouse’s We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank

In Defense Of is a feature in which I come to the unsolicited rescue of a piece of entertainment that I happen to enjoy quite a bit despite some sort of fan or critical backlash against it. I’m a real-life Batman.

Modest Mouse slugged out a decade of scrappy, deranged music before “Float On” happened. The first portion of that decade found the band testing its own limits and wading into deeper and deeper waters; the rest of it was devoted to making startling indie classics like This is a Long Drive for Someone With Nothing to Think About and personal favorite Lonesome Crowded West. Then there was the stunning The Moon and Antarctica, a decidedly toned-down affair every bit as monumental despite a new approach. For those invested in Isaac Brock and company, commercial success seemed both impossible and like some sort of street-cred condemnation. Continue reading “In Defense Of: Modest Mouse’s We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank”

My Favorite Music of 2015: The Notable Omissions

Any year-end “best of” list is going to contain its fair share of surprising omissions, and my coverage of 2015’s music output is no different. I wanted to take a moment (or several moments?) to discuss some notable albums that failed to make an appearance on my personal top 20 or my 10 honorable mentions list. While there is a wealth of music that I didn’t hear in 2015, there is a also a great deal that I spent plenty of time with and didn’t feel like I wanted to celebrate on high. Hell, there are a lot more of these albums than the ones that I wrote up in this very space. Continue reading “My Favorite Music of 2015: The Notable Omissions”

My Favorite Albums of 2015 (1-10)

I’m going to take a deep breath here before I reach the culmination of my efforts. Now we’re down to my 10 favorite albums of the year, the ones I played again and again and again. These things soundtracked my days at work, any time at my computer, my nights before sleep, and everything in-between. They’ve all made my life a whole lot more enjoyable, and they’ve even given me new perspective on music and artistic expression along the way. I love these albums, and I hope you’ll check them out if you already haven’t. Continue reading “My Favorite Albums of 2015 (1-10)”