Regarding Numerical Ratings

Part of the fun that comes toward the end of critically evaluating a piece of media is deciding exactly what number on the vaunted one to 10 scale best fits my opinion of said creation. I’ve always secretly enjoyed the process of tagging a movie or album or TV show or whatever with a digit that I feel best suits its place in my heart and/or brain, as it almost feels like the stamp of completion on each review. There’s a certain sense of accomplishment that comes with it, you know? After doing this off and on for several years, however, I just don’t feel right about continuing to assign these numbers, and I have a few reasons for it. Continue reading “Regarding Numerical Ratings”


The Slow Descent debuts, clunky URL and all

Good morning! I’m not at all writing this inaugural post during actual ante-meridian hours, but damn it if a hearty ‘good morning’ didn’t seem like the best possible greeting to bust out off the top. If you have found The Slow Descent (likely by a horrifying error in Google search analytics or because of the fact that you know me), you are owed an explanation as to what this web space represents in the first place. Continue reading “The Slow Descent debuts, clunky URL and all”