The Slow Descent is a largely directionless blog operated by a largely directionless Missourian named Brian. Since I happen to be Brian, it’s best that I switch over into first-person narration to immediately disavow myself of any notions of self-importance. While I intend to use this space to discuss any number of topics that are near and dear to my heart, I might as well reveal that the primary subjects of my posts will be music, film, television, and other sources of entertainment. I can guarantee that other topics will sneak in here and there, but it’s best that you know where this dilapidated ship is heading as you misguidedly hop on board.

My goal here is a simple one: I want to create a forum that allows me to write about whatever I want at any given time. I think the lack of self-imposed restriction will benefit me in terms of both creativity and productivity, the latter of which I’m not exactly known for. I hope that whatever The Slow Descent turns out to be once it has hit its stride is at the very least entertaining to read, and blurring the edges of what it is in the first place is my best chance at accomplishing that. You get the point.

Thanks for taking this endlessly circular journey with me; you won’t regret it. You might.


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