The Witch Invites You Right Into Its Own Hell

The Witch (2016)

The Witch, or The VVitch as it seems to be spelled in promotional materials, is the latest in a recent line of artful horror movies designed to attract snobs who typically don’t bother with such fare. As a longtime lover of both ends of the horror genre–I had a lot of fun watching Chopping Mall for God’s sake–this is a trend I can really get behind. Fancying up scares with careful filmmaking is not an explicitly new way to go, but the degree to which it is being approached in recent years is truly impressive. Continue reading “The Witch Invites You Right Into Its Own Hell”


Regarding Numerical Ratings

Part of the fun that comes toward the end of critically evaluating a piece of media is deciding exactly what number on the vaunted one to 10 scale best fits my opinion of said creation. I’ve always secretly enjoyed the process of tagging a movie or album or TV show or whatever with a digit that I feel best suits its place in my heart and/or brain, as it almost feels like the stamp of completion on each review. There’s a certain sense of accomplishment that comes with it, you know? After doing this off and on for several years, however, I just don’t feel right about continuing to assign these numbers, and I have a few reasons for it. Continue reading “Regarding Numerical Ratings”

The Coen Brothers Use Hail, Caesar! As a Valentine to Classic Film

Hail, Caesar! (2016)

Rating: 7.0/10

The Coen brothers have had their share of ups and downs as filmmakers, but that’s not such a bad thing when those downs are still wholly interesting and worthwhile viewing experiences. Hail, Caesar! is one of those “downs,” a good movie that is damned only by the pedigree of its creators. Compare this thing to the rest of what gets released every February by mere mortals and it looks like a work of unparalleled accomplishment. Continue reading “The Coen Brothers Use Hail, Caesar! As a Valentine to Classic Film”

Nicolas Cage, The Real National Treasure

Years ago, a couple of things became readily apparent to me in regards to Nicolas Cage, Oscar winner and bizarre member of the Coppola family. The first was that the man was capable of turning his frequent toilet-dwelling roles into gleeful, over-the-top gold. The second was that he actually has the ability to be a first-rate thespian when he’s in the exact right situation and trying. As many of you have likely found out, the Cage is never boring; whether he’s screaming at the top of his lungs for no scripted reason, bugging his eyes in an effort to make us truly believe he has no eyelids, or somehow lending a solemn sincerity to his character, this guy is in it to win it. Continue reading “Nicolas Cage, The Real National Treasure”

My Favorite Films of 2015: The Notable Omissions

With my favorite films of 2015 well-documented in the dustiest corner of the internet, I figured it would be helpful to detail why I skipped out on including a few films that are notable for one reason or another. The five films included in this post simply weren’t among my very favorites of the year even though I liked some of them, although others missed because I didn’t think they were anything special. Paring down a list that got more unwieldy than I expected was kind of tough, so elaborating a bit more seems like a necessary plan of action. Continue reading “My Favorite Films of 2015: The Notable Omissions”