The Slow Descent Podcast, Presented by Bootu Inc.

Oh, no! It’s the Monday after Christmas weekend! You’ve surely spent the past several days tamping piles of meat down your throat by the fistful, growing to hate old-timey songs, and slowly becoming sad as the wistful nature of the season takes hold of you. Even worse, now you have to go back to work. Well, thankfully I have a consolation prize to never returning to your awful job again, and that is the very first episode of The Slow Descent podcast, as presented by Bootu Inc.

Our inaugural episode deals entirely with Star Wars: The Force Awakens because it’s such a big-ass deal. As will be the case for all of our episodes unless one of us is cut in half by a light saber or we have a guest appearance (equal odds), the episode is hosted by Bootu weirdo Van Lee and myself. We sure did watch a lot of Star Wars as young fellas, and we have distinct opinions on Disney’s new favorite toy. So click the link to the player below, subscribe to us on iTunes or any podcast-friendly app, and let our force run through you. Ew?

WARNING: There are spoilers all over the place in this podcast. There are also, as the kids say, “curse words.” If either one of those things is a problem for you, it would be best to steer clear.


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