The Slow Descent debuts, clunky URL and all

Good morning! I’m not at all writing this inaugural post during actual ante-meridian hours, but damn it if a hearty ‘good morning’ didn’t seem like the best possible greeting to bust out off the top. If you have found The Slow Descent (likely by a horrifying error in Google search analytics or because of the fact that you know me), you are owed an explanation as to what this web space represents in the first place.

So, what is The Slow Descent all about? You could just check out the About page, but I feel the need to explain myself here as well. Any other kind of debut post would feel like it was getting just a bit ahead of itself, you know? The Slow Descent will be a lot of things. I intend to write about my many (trivial) passions in life; among these are music, film, television, and baseball. If we’re being honest, those are the topics that will likely be the bread and butter of the site. In previous attempts at establishing some sort of online presence, I’ve written about every single one of these topics. These passions have all been in my bloodstream for years and years and years, and fits of passion have struck over and over across the past decade in regards to each of them.

The problem with my previous writing ventures–or so I hope–lies in the specificity I demanded of myself. There was a time when I wholeheartedly believed that blogging was something other than a creative outlet for myself, something that could and would lead to a career in a field I actually cared about. It is because of these brief bursts of tenacity that I was always careful to narrow my scope to a single subject, as I believed that doing so would level up my odds at success. It’s not that I’ve become a cynic and no longer believe that some level of glorious, non-traditional success is possible, but it recently dawned on me that perhaps I could enjoy myself a lot more if I didn’t impose weird guidelines on myself.

So yeah, it probably doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to write about the arts and sports on the same blog, but I don’t really care. I want to have a lot of fun doing this, and in the process I want to push myself in some way to be more creative and maybe even write about subjects I normally wouldn’t. I’m glad you’re here, and I hope we meet again!


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