Spotify Lied to me and now I’m super upset

I have mixed ethical feelings about the immensely popular music streaming service Spotify. While streaming services in general seem like a pretty reliable method to ensure that an artist never has enough money to eat or do laundry on the road, Spotify’s percentage that goes to the artists making the music that enables its existence is particularly harrowing. Seriously, if 50,000 people listen to a Wilco song, I’m pretty sure Jeff Tweedy just gets his lunch at Subway paid for or something. Continue reading “Spotify Lied to me and now I’m super upset”


Coheed and Cambria sans Coheed, Cambria

Coheed and Cambria: The Color Before the Sun (2015)

Rating: 5.0/10

When I first heard that Coheed and Cambria were all set to release an album apart from its largely nonsensical Amory Wars saga this year, I was excited to hear the resulting work. This is a band I’ve stuck with even as things have gotten less than ideal, and the right move to freshen up was to do something different for once. In spite of several highlights here and there, not one bit of the band’s discography has been remotely surprising over the past decade. Storytelling can enhance music immensely, but in Coheed’s case all we have ever gotten is cool stuff to yell as the big guitars climax and wail. Continue reading “Coheed and Cambria sans Coheed, Cambria”

The Slow Descent debuts, clunky URL and all

Good morning! I’m not at all writing this inaugural post during actual ante-meridian hours, but damn it if a hearty ‘good morning’ didn’t seem like the best possible greeting to bust out off the top. If you have found The Slow Descent (likely by a horrifying error in Google search analytics or because of the fact that you know me), you are owed an explanation as to what this web space represents in the first place. Continue reading “The Slow Descent debuts, clunky URL and all”